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Registering as a Jobseeker

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???You don’t have a job at the moment? This is what you need to know.Registering as a jobseeker ?
If you are unemployed and seeking employment, and you are capable and available to work, you can register with the Jobsplus as a jobseeker.  Registering as a jobseeker means that you are ready and willing to take active steps to improve your employability and to seek and take up work.   

All registered jobseekers are provided with Jobsplus’ advisory services, whereby an Employment Advisor will support and guide you in your search for work and for training opportunities.  If you have access to internet, you will automatically be informed of new vacancies in Malta and abroad. You will also be matched with jobs suited to your qualifications and abilities. 

You may register online as a jobseeker here?.

Upon first registration, you are issued with a magnetic card with your fingerprint details stored in it. This card is required to allow you to register at a stipulated time and place. A chit (a small printout) is issued every time you register, providing details for your next registration and any other messages that Jobsplus may have for you. It is very important that you read the chit messages properly. Messages on the chit include information to attend activities such as Job Search seminars, training courses, job fairs or interviews at Jobsplus or job interviews with employers. Failure to attend any such activities will indicate that you are no longer interested in using Jobsplus services, and your name will hence be removed from the register. During your registration, you are expected to send feedback on each job interview to your Jobsplus employment advisor.

You can find more on how to register for work here

Persons in disadvantaged situations

If you are a disadvantaged person, Jobsplus can offer you specialised services and schemes. Persons in disadvantaged situations include former substance abusers, former prison inmates, persons with disability, be it intellectual or physical, persons suffering from mental illnesses, workers who have been out of the labour market for a long period of time, and other people with different social problems. 

Unemployment Benefits
If you are unemployed, you may be entitled a number of Social Security benefits. When a person is registered on the Part 1 Register of Jobsplus, an application for Unemployment Benefits?? is automatically submitted.  . The Department of Social Security is informed by Jobsplus and the necessary arrangements with respect to social benefits and NI credits are made by this Department. Not all clients registering on Part 1 are automatically eligible for social benefits. 

How to apply for the following additional benefits: 
 ?   Social Assistance for Carers
?   Unemployment Assistance?

You may also login the Social Policy eServi?ces??, where you can view your personal information, such as Personal Details, Current Benefits, Medical Conditions, Payment Details, Employment History, etc. 
Managing your finances

If you are unemployed or short on cash, there are a number of things you can do to ease matters until you find work: Get the income to which you are entitled: Make sure you are receiving the bene?fits? you are entitled to. Prioritise your payments: Always pay your rent or mortgage and utilities (heat, water, electricity) first. Next, pay for food and medicine. Third, pay for transportation. Everything else comes after these three priorities. Do not use new credit: Do your utmost to avoid using credit cards to keep you afloat. Pay for everything in cash. Keep creditors at bay: If you don’t have a job, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to pay your bills. Contact your creditors and explain your situation: you don’t have a job, you have no money and will pay them as soon as you find work again. Try asking them to not charge late fees or interest rates. There are a number of private organisations which can help you by giving you debt counselling services. You may also visit the MFSA service “My Money Box”, where you can find amongst other services, information on managing your finances.??? You may also use the Budget Calculator and compare charges which can help you manage better your finances.

The Benefits Finder? is a tool which will give you a set of recommendations of eligible benefits catered to your specific situation. Apart from advising you which benefits you may be eligible for, the Benefits Finder also advises you on how to apply for the recommended benefits. 

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