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United Nations e-Government Survey 2018

To fulfil the far-reaching potential of the transformative 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, technologies must be used innovatively to ensure that the Sustainable Development Goals are met on time. We are at a critical juncture, in the middle of a digital revolution that is not just about technologies, but also about the centrality of people and the planet. We are witnessing the simultaneous proliferation of big data, artificial intelligence, data science, blockchain, robotics and other frontier and fastemerging technologies. These frontier technologies are building on and amplifying one another, affecting everything from our food systems, water and sanitation, energy, to education, health care and social services.

In particular, digital government has ushered in significant and enduring changes in the way people live and interact with each other, their environment, and public services. The 2018 Survey highlights a persistent positive global trend towards higher levels of e-government development. It examines how digital technologies and innovations are impacting the public sector and changing people’s everyday lives. As evidenced by the survey assessment and case studies, exploiting digital government has far-reaching potential for countries, not just in improving institutional processes and workflows for greater efficacy and effectiveness of public service delivery, but also in ensuring inclusion, participation and accountability to leave no one behind.

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